Things You Should Know About Chimney Repair and Hot Air

Your chimney plays an important part in regulating the ventilation and temperature in your interior. Depending on its location, how it’s made, and how good the installation is, you may be getting the most out of your chimney—or you might need chimney repair before the winter months come in.

Here’s an overview of what the chimney actually does.

How Does a Chimney Work?

The main purpose of a chimney is to pull the hot or combustible gases from your home and release it. A chimney depends on the principle of air temperature and pressure. Since hot air rises and cold air sinks, a chimney is designed to make the hot air rise and move out of the house, which pushes the colder air to the bottom.

Air circulation is also affected by chimneys. Depending on how high your chimney is, you may be feeling more of a draft in your home because the higher the chimney, the higher the hot air can rise. Air pressure pushes the hot air out and lets the colder air sink.

What Makes a Good Chimney?

Chimney repair aims to keep a warm, comfortable temperature in the upper floors of a house while keeping the bottom levels drafty, which aids in the circulation of air. Your chimney must also resist corrosion and tolerate high temperatures. A sealed chimney is also essential to keeping the right temperature in the right parts of the house.

Should you want to install a chimney, it should be found inside the home instead of along the side. This keeps it away from leaks and colder temperatures from the outside. It should be at least 15 feet tall from the bottom to the top. The top should always extend at least three feet from the top of the roof and should not be any less than two feet above other roofs around it.

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