Expert Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Cincinnati

Keeping Your Home Comfortable with HVAC Services

What does it take to make a house a home? For many, the answer to this simple question is one small word, comfort. Can you truly be comfortable in your home if the temperature is just a few degrees too warm or too cool? Fortunately, if you live in Cincinnati, we can offer you a wide range of HVAC repair, home comfort and specialty services.

Why Choose Hader Heating and Cooling Services

Many Years of Experience

In 1883 Andreas Hader founded Hader Heating & Cooling and, for over a century, we have been Cincinnati’s leading heating system and air conditioning repair experts. Your home is an investment and every dollar you spend improving it will pay dividends in the long run. Trust your investment with experienced technicians and a company that cares.

Wide Range of Expert HVAC Services… and More

Here at Hader we offer a wide range of expert installation and repair services:

  • Air Conditioning

Whether your AC unit needs replacement, repair or routine maintenance, we can help. Our technicians have been servicing cooling systems for over 100 years. We can provide you with a free air conditioning system assessment to diagnose the problem and then provide you with a custom quote for the work that is needed.

Learn more about our Air Conditioning Services here.

  • Heating

Similar to our air conditioning services, our certified heating and furnace service repair experts can provide you with a heating system assessment and custom repair quote, free of charge. If your heating unit needs repair or even replacement, you will know fast.

Learn more about our Heating and Furnace Services here.

  • Duct Sealing

If you don’t want to replace your ductwork but you realize that it is old and inefficient, you may want to consider the Aeroseal option. It is estimated that 25 billion dollars in energy is wasted every year due to leaky ducts. We are one of the few dealers in Cincinnati that offer this option and we have the experience to install it properly, saving you time and money.

Learn more about our Duct Sealing and Aeroseal Services here.

  • Roofing

Do you have a leaky roof? Has a recent storm caused damage to your roof? Did you previously hire a roofer who did a poor job? We can help. When left untreated your small problem could turn into a big one. Call us for 24 hour roof repair or a comprehensive roof evaluating – for free.

Learn more about our Roofing Services here.

Special Services

We also offer a number of special services to help keep your home comfortable, efficient and well maintained:

  • Energy Savers

We offer energy audits in order to come up with a plan for your specific energy needs. By doing this we can see exactly where you need to reduce your energy costs. Combine this with our many incentives and our air conditioning installation and maintenance becomes very affordable.

Learn more about our Energy Saving Services here.

  • Geothermal Systems

We offer free estimates on the installation of geothermal systems. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of land to install a geothermal system. These Environmentally friendly systems use the natural heat from the Earth to warm and cool your home which will save you on your electric bill.

Learn more about our Geothermal Systems and Services here.

  • Indoor Air Quality

We are dedicated to improving your overall indoor air quality and not just the temperature of your home. In addition to our home comfort solutions, such as air conditioning and heater repair, we also offer humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ductwork replacement and zone dampers. These products make the air in your home cleaner and easier to breathe and are of the utmost importance especially if you have young children.

Learn more about our Indoor Air Quality Services here.

  • Maintenance Agreement

Air conditioning and heating units require regular maintenance in order to ensure they are running properly and efficiently. We offer a maintenance agreement for our Bryant heating and cooling systems as a great solution to the regular maintenance and possible repairs that are needed over time.

Learn more about our Maintenance Agreement Services here.

Award Winning HVAC Technicians

Hader Heating & Cooling Inc has recently received the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance Contractor Award for Best New Home Performance Contractor and the award for Best New Auditor. An awarded Home Performance Contractor possesses the skills and knowledge needed to assist homeowners in making their homes more energy efficient. An Auditor helps homeowners make informed decisions about energy efficiency improvements.

Hader Cincinnati and Ohio Service Areas

We proudly extend our wide range of HVAC and custom services to the following Ohio communities:

Cincinnati | Hamilton | Fairfield | West Chester | Blue Ash | Fairfield | Forest Park | Liberty Township | Loveland | Mason | Norwood

Learn more about our service areas here.

For immediate help with your home comfort and repair service needs, please call us now: (513)445-3444.