Controllable Factors Affecting Your Home’s Cooling Load

Cooling load is a fancy turn of phrase for the amount of energy needed to regulate the temperature of the rooms in your house. Knowing your home’s cooling load is a necessary step in using your Hader HVAC system to maximum effect while minimizing your electricity consumption.

Contrary to what you may have heard, your home’s cooling load isn’t completely beyond your control. There are certain factors that affect it which can be kept in check to prevent your rooms from feeling like a furnace. Some of these are listed below.

Outside Temperature and Humidity

Your house heats up more quickly when it’s hot and humid. Although you can’t do anything about the climate, you can minimize the amount of infrared light from the sun being absorbed by your roof.

An energy-efficient roofing system reflects more solar energy than it stores. It may cost more initially than an ordinary roof, but you’ll find it well worth the expense, especially when you start feeling a noticeable difference in comfort.

House Size

The bigger your house, the more energy you’ll need to cool down your usable space in the summer. Keep the size of your house in mind when buying an HVAC unit, especially when tackling additions. Properly-sized cooling equipment runs more efficiently, allowing it to meet your home’s cooling load faster and more consistently while using less electricity.

Window Orientation

Be mindful of the direction your windows face. Glass units located on the south and west sides of the house generally admit the most heat from the sun.

To prevent excessive solar heat gain, use window treatments strategically. Also, consider outdoor shading options to block most of the direct sunlight coming into your house.

Use the Right Hader HVAC Solution to Reduce Cooling Load the Efficient Way

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