The Importance of Roof Ventilation

All roofers agree that roof ventilation helps keep the attic dry and cool. It’s also important to maintain a healthy environment. Warm, moist air rises from the living space and into the attic. When it meets the cooler attic air, it condenses and wets the framing members and insulation. Continuous wetting can cause mold growth on the roof rafters and insulation. This can cause respiratory problems for occupants and structural problems with the roof.

In addition, heat buildup in the attic can cause roofing materials to age and crack too soon. In the winter, warm attic air can cause uneven melted snow and ice dams on the roof. Ice dams expose the roofing paper and sheathing to water. Water leaks in the attic can also damage drywall in the living space.

A well-ventilated attic can prevent these heat and moisture problems. Soffit vents, baffles, and ridge vents work together to provide roof ventilation.

Soffit Vents

These are soffits with perforations. They’re either continuous or fitted between rafter tails. They provide better airflow in the summer and prevent moisture and ice buildup in the winter.


These are set between the rafters. They allow fresh air to flow without interference from the soffit vents into the attic.

Ridge Vents

Fixed along the roof ridge, ridge vents provide uniform ventilation throughout the attic. They can be fit to a range of roof pitches to work with all configurations.

Besides proper roof ventilation, it’s also important to address other factors. These include:


Be sure the attic has a complete barrier of insulation with the correct R-value. Install it over and around all attic penetrations. Include recessed lighting in the living space immediately below the attic.

HVAC System Components

Ensure the proper sealing of any ducts running through the attic. Don’t compress the attic insulation. Don’t allow bathroom fans into the attic or too close to vented soffits.

Air Sealing

Air-seal all protrusions in and out of the attic. This is to stop unwanted airflow, heat, or moisture from entering the attic.

Your Roof Deserves Extra Care

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