The Anatomy of a Shingle Roofing System

There’s more to the widely popular shingle roof than meets the eye. While shingles are the undeniably the star of a roofing system, there are more support elements that deserve recognition.

Today, Hader roofing experts expound on what every key component of the shingle roof does:


Also known as the decking and usually made of wood, sheathing serves as the foundation of a roofing system. It’s the base on which all materials are laid, providing a smooth surface where everything can be installed properly.


Applied directly to the sheathing, the underlayment is a barrier that keeps water from managing to seep into the shingles. Typically made from a durable paper mixed with asphalt called felt, each sheet is rolled over one another with a significant overlap. This way, the underlayment is practically seamless and prevents water infiltration.

Ice and Water Barrier

Another form of underlayment, it’s designed to be sticky to adhere to the sheathing. Nailed for extra strength and stability, it covers sections prone to water and ice buildups.

Drip Edge

Also referred to as eave flashing, the drip edge is applied over the underlayment on roof sides, and beneath of it at the eaves. It inhibits water accumulation by channeling the flow over the eaves and into the gutter system.


Made from pieces of metal, the flashing is rendered weathertight with sealant. Its job description involves diverting water away from areas it usually collects in, like valleys and hips.

Gutters and Downspouts

The gutter system is chiefly responsible for proper drainage. When kept clog-free, it can guide the water coming from the roof safely to the ground.


Representing the primary coverage of a roof, shingles come in different materials, such as cedar and asphalt. Although they’re not immune to damage, they offer a healthy combination of durability and affordability. In turn, they rank first in popularity across America.

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