Tips for Preparing Your Heating System for Winter

As the temperatures start to drop, many homeowners turn to their heating system to keep their family comfortable throughout the winter. Fall maintenance is vital to keeping your system running efficiently during the winter and preventing damage or breakdowns. There are many ways that you can start getting your heater ready for winter before the season gets here.

Top 5 Tips for Getting Your Heater Ready for Winter

Now that fall is here and winter is fast approaching, it is time to make sure that your heater is ready to keep your home warm and comfortable this winter. Here are the top 5 tips for preparing your heating system for winter:

  1. Check and change your air filters.

Regularly changing or cleaning your air filters is an important part of keeping your system working efficiently. Dirty filters can restrict airflow, which not only impacts your home comfort but can cause additional wear and tear to your HVAC system. It is recommended to check and change your air filters at least once a month.

  1. Turn on your heating system to test that it is working properly.

Set your thermostat to heat in order to test that the system is working properly. The heat should kick on after a couple of moments and it should start to get warmer in your home. If you find that the heating system is making noise or gives off an unpleasant smell than you may need repairs. Turn off the system and contact a reputable HVAC company to diagnose and repair your system.

  1. Make sure that your thermostat is working.

If your heating system is not working quite right, it may be a problem with your thermostat. You want to turn on your thermostat and use a traditional thermometer to monitor the temperature inside your home. If you find that the thermostat is inaccurate, consider replacing it before the winter arrives.

  1. Check your heating vents to make sure they are uncovered.

Inspect the heating vents around your home to make sure that nothing is blocking them. When furniture or other household items block your heating vents, this does not allow heat to get into your home. Not only does this leave you in the cold, but it can drive your heating bills up as the system has to work harder than necessary to heat your home. Blocked vents can also lead to issues like an overheated furnace.

  1. Schedule your annual heater tune-up.

Even after taking all of these steps to test your heating system, it is still important to get annual heater tune-ups before winter. During the tune-up a certified HVAC specialist will check to make sure that your system is working properly and provide service as necessary. By identifying any issues early on, your HVAC technician can help you avoid breakdowns or more costly repairs.

If you need help preparing your heating system for winter, contact the HVAC experts at Hader Solutions. Our team of fast and friendly technicians will inspect your system to make sure that everything is well-lubricated and in working order. If we find a problem during your tune-up, we can diagnose and fix the issue while we’re there.


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