Behind the Scenes of the Manufacture of Asphalt Shingles

In over 125 years of existence, asphalt shingles have gone under dramatic evolution in order to claim the distinction of being North America’s undisputed roofing choice. Recent research shows that they continue to rule the industry, gracing the top of nearly six in every 10 homes in the United States. Asphalt shingles don’t lead the race in longevity, but reliable roofing companies would say that they offer the best trade-off among affordability, durability, and beauty.

How do they remain wonderfully economical, incredibly weather-resistant, and stunningly stylish at the same time? Let’s take a look at how they’re made:

Creating the Filled Coating

Filled coating is at the heart of asphalt shingles. This substance is a mixture of crushed limestone and asphalt. Super-heated to more than 400°F, it becomes extremely soft and ready for application.

Applying Asphalt

The heated filled coating is then applied to the top and bottom of the fiberglass mat (the backbone of the shingles) through a coater.

Embedding Surface Materials

Granules, which protect asphalt shingles from ultraviolet radiation, are made of mined rock with special ceramic coating. The coating gives the granules a unique color blend, which is designed to retain its appearance for a long time despite constant sun exposure. Before embedding the granules, the base sheet is thinly coated with sand as it goes through the press.

Removing Heat

Once the granules are in place, the base sheet passes through a series of rolls where it receives a fine mist of water. This step allows it to cool quickly by optimizing the water’s evaporative effect.

Adding Sealant

Then, the loose end of the base sheet gets a strip of sealant. Its addition lends greater weather resistance to the finished product, allowing it to withstand the worst of nature.

Turning Rolls of Roofing into Shingles

Miles of asphalt roofing sheet are fed into complex cutting equipment, slicing them into distinctive shapes. The individual pieces then become shingles.

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