Air Balancing: How It Can Help Maintain Indoor Comfort

So long as you keep your HVAC filters clean, you should be able to maintain good indoor air quality and comfort, right? Well, not exactly. You also need to ensure the right balance of temperatures inside the house. Otherwise, you and your family might experience hot and cold spots in your home.

Hader HVAC shares some tips on striking a good balance between hot and cold temperatures below:

Check Your Home for Drafts

Make sure your windows and doors are airtight and free of any leaks to prevent drafts from coming inside. Keep in mind that even with airtight windows, up to 30% of heat can escape from your home through the window glass, which is why it would be a good idea to install energy-efficient windows. Window coverings can also reduce heat loss.

Make Sure Your Vents Are Free of Any Obstructions

Unimpeded air circulation is essential to the even distribution of cool or warm air throughout your home. As such, you should make sure none of your furniture is blocking the air vents inside.

Don’t Place Electronic Equipment or Devices Near Your Thermostat

Electronics generate heat, which your thermostat could pick up. Keeping electronic devices away from the thermostat will help ensure the reading on your thermostat is accurate and the settings on your air conditioning or HVAC system remain optimal.

Switch Your Thermostat to the ‘On’ Setting 

Standard HVAC systems usually have two fan settings: ‘on’ and ‘auto’. Switching to the on setting makes certain the fan is continuously blowing air inside your home, keeping it from becoming stale. However, there’s a downside to using the on setting—your HVAC system will use up more electricity.

When to Call an HVAC Professional

Of course, there’s only so much you can do with a few tips and tricks. To achieve optimal indoor comfort, you’ll need the help of HVAC contractors. Only highly-trained technicians can conduct air balancing or testing on your HVAC system to pinpoint uneven airflow or imbalances in air pressure.

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