5 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

A roof leak is a headache, but it isn’t really the problem. Rather, it’s the symptom of the problem. It’s a sign that an issue has been undetected and unrepaired for too long, and has allowed water intrusion to happen.

Any experienced roofing company would attest that leakage rarely happens when preventive maintenance is observed because regular inspections would identify these red flags early:

1. Failed Flashing

Flashing is any piece of metal applied as a covering to render vulnerable roof areas water-resistant. Most roofers use tar to seal it. Despite flawless installation, constant exposure to harsh elements causes the flashing to corrode over time. When it begins to fail, water would have an easier time to seep into its cracks and penetrate the seams between roof boards.

2. Gutter Clogging

Debris buildup in the gutters and downspouts lead to poor drainage. The water then could overflow, wreaking havoc with key house areas, including the siding, landscaping, and foundation. However, the water could also go upward. When it does, it’s bad news for your roof.

3. Ridge Cap Abrasion

The ridge cap has a tough job: to seal the gap where two roof slopes meet at the peak. Although it’s naturally at the receiving end of nature’s worst, roofer recklessness can accelerate its wear. When it’s not protected during a roof inspection or repair, it could develop bruises, which would give rainwater a convenient entry point into the house.

4. Shingle Deformation

Misshapen shingles are bad shingles. Whether it’s due to poor attic ventilation or aging, they must be replaced ASAP. Otherwise, they would leave gaps for water to enter.

5. Material Disappearance

The only thing worse than having curled asphalt shingles or broken cedars shakes is having no roofing shingles or shakes at all. Regardless of the reason why they got blown off, new materials must be applied immediately. The longer the affected areas are left exposed to the elements, the higher the chances of leakage.

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