5 Tips for Optimal Heating and Cooling Efficiency at Home

Your home’s heating and cooling system works around the clock to provide the comfort you need in your interior space. Because of this, use of these units account for nearly half of your home energy bill.  By making wise decisions for your HVAC equipment, you can lower your costs without compromising performance.

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Tips for Efficient Heating and Cooling

Making your heating and cooling units more efficient doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are five handy tips that can make a big difference in your home energy bills:

  1. Replace the Air Filters Regularly. The filters are responsible for trapping debris before it can infiltrate your HVAC system. Once they become clogged and dirty, however, air won’t flow out smoothly. This can overburden the fan blades and other motor parts. To prevent this, you need to change the filters every two to three months.

  1. Check the Ducts and Registers. Just like air filters, keeping the ducts and registers clean and damage-free are essential. These components, after all, distribute heated and cooled air throughout your home. Seal the holes and gaps in the ducts if there are any to maximize airflow.

  1. Invest In a Programmable Thermostat. Switching to a programmable thermostat is an easy way to save you money and even worry for many years. It allows you to set automatic temperature changes based on your schedule. Turning down the temperature during winter and increasing it during summer by 10 to 15 degrees while you’re away from home can greatly reduce your energy consumption.

  1. Use Your Window Treatments. Drapes, shades, blinds, and other window treatments can contribute to your home’s insulation. They can help minimize heat gain, drafts, and energy loss.

  1. Take Advantage of Fans. Use your ceiling fans to move cooled or heated air throughout your living space. This helps reduce the demand on your HVAC system, saving you energy.

Turn to Hader for Exceptional Heating and Cooling Solutions

At Hader Heating and Cooling, we only want what’s best for your home. We can help you achieve optimum HVAC efficiency so you can drive your comfort levels up and your energy costs down.

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