Cincinnati Heating and Cooling Service Specials

With Hader on your side, not only are you offered the best in Cincinnati heating, cooling and roofing services, but you always have a chance to save when you choose us. This is why we continually offer coupons, manufacturer’s rebates and financing options to help you afford any service we provide, whether it involves new equipment or is just a repair or tune-up.

Great service. Great price. That’s the Hader way!

Hader Financing Options

Looking to buy a new furnace or air conditioning unit? Or do you need your roof retiled? Don’t let the up-front costs turn you away or delay your much-needed upgrade. At Hader, we partner with several banks and lending firms to help customers stretch out payment for their service over a longer period of time, rather than absorbing the costs all at once. When you inquire about service from Hader, we’ll go over your financing options to make sure you’re comfortable with your purchase before any we start any project at your house.

Heating, Cooling and Roofing Coupons

If you’re looking to save on heating, cooling, roofing, duct sealing or home energy services, Hader has got you covered. See our Coupons page for a variety of helpful discounts offered seasonally. You’ll be surprised at the number of coupons we offer and the types of services they cover.

Manufacturer’s Rebates

Manufacturer’s rebates are also a prime way to save on heating and equipment. In some cases, you could be saving hundreds of dollars. Talk to a Hader heating and cooling expert today and have them go over the types of rebates the manufacturer offers on new heating and cooling units we carry. To receive your savings, all you’ve got to do is make the purchase of brand new equipment and then submit your rebate via mail or online. At Hader, we make savings a cinch!

Looking for Specials on Heating, Cooling, Air Duct, Roofing or Energy Saving Services in Cincinnati, OH?