What These Common HVAC Noises May Mean

Like any machine, it’s normal for your HVAC equipment to produce sounds. But when it starts creating odd and disturbing noises, it may have sustained damage that needs immediate fixes. Separating the usual hum from a problematic clank, however, can be difficult–especially if it’s your first time encountering this issue.

HVAC Noises and Their Causes

To catch problems early, it pays to understand what causes the loud, disruptive noises your HVAC system creates. Here are the most common ones:

  • Clanking or Banging. An HVAC unit in great condition will make a humming sound. But if it’s clanking, its blades, pipes, or blower motor fan may have become loose. These parts might rub with one another, which can inflict serious damage to your system. As soon as you spot this issue, switch off your HVAC equipment and contact a dependable contractor.

  • Hissing. If the hissing is light, your filter might not be placed correctly or you got the wrong size. This creates gaps in the seal, causing the air to squeeze past the filter instead of being pulled through it. If the hissing noise is loud, however, your ducts may be leaking. This wastes a lot of energy because the heated or cooled air doesn’t circulate well throughout your home.

  • Rattling. This is usually caused by debris stuck in the system. If it’s coming from your outdoor unit, turn the system off and cut the power to the unit before removing twigs, leaves, and other refuse. Check the compressor and condenser coils for signs of damage. If the rattling seems to be from an internal component, it’s best to leave it to pros.

Trust Hader Heating and Cooling for Quality HVAC Repair

If you hear unusual sounds from your HVAC system, trust the experts at Hader Heating and Cooling to provide the necessary repair. We’ll also assess its overall condition to make sure it runs smoothly all year round. This way, you can spare your unit from costly damage and sudden breakdowns.

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