What Happens in a Chimney Inspection and Repair Procedure

As the weather cools, you start to look at your fireplace for that much-needed warmth and comfort. Before you light it up, make sure your fireplace and chimney are in good repair. Have an expert inspect your chimney to prevent fires and carbon monoxide intrusion. Technicians will examine what they can access by using a flashlight, screwdriver, or pliers.

Here’s what the pros look for and how.

Wear and Tear

Professionals will look for signs of wear and tear on your chimney, fireplace, and hearth from inside and outside your home. They will check for combustibles in and around the chimney that can create a fire hazard before starting repair. This also includes anything that can impede the venting of smoke, gas, and combustible by-products, as well creosote build-up on the walls of your chimney that pose a risk of igniting.

The above should come with a Level 1 inspection of a fireplace without any known problems. A standard inspection and cleaning should take about an hour to an hour and a half. A Level 2 inspection includes video scanning of the chimney’s interior. Do this after a fire, malfunction, earthquake, strong storm, or a recent change to your heating system. This includes changing the fuel type you use or adding a liner.

If a problem shows up, you may need a Level 3 inspection. This needs access to hidden areas next to the unit, which may disturb your drywall or other parts of your home.

Cap Cracks

Today’s chimneys only have a man-made cement cap on top, which usually cracks within a year. The problem arises when water seeps inside the chimney in the winter months and freezes. It then expands, which causes the brick to chip or separate from the mortar. A solid limestone cap on your chimney prevents water to get down inside the chimney and freeze. Replace your chimney cap with solid limestone and extend the life of your chimney for many years.

Chimney Repair Simplified With Hader Solutions

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