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RV HVAC | How Absorption Refrigeration Works

How Absorption Refrigeration Works Most refrigerators perform their cooling with the use of a mechanical compressor, much like an air-conditioning unit. However, there was another method of refrigeration that saw much use before compressors became more popular. This was known as absorption refrigeration. Today, absorption refrigeration is mostly used in the refrigerators installed in RVs.

Hader HVAC - The Risks of Counterfeit R-22 Coolants (And How to Avoid the Scam)

The Risks Of Counterfeit R-22 Coolants (And How To Avoid The Scams)

Older heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems use R-22 coolant,. Over the next several years, the A/C industry plans to slowly phase out R-22 as newer systems take over the market, making this product more difficult and expensive to come by. This opens the doors to illegally imported replacement blends and R-22 substitutes that

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Must Know HVAC Facts and Statistics

Most of us don’t even think of their unit on a regular basis. Let alone think about how many people have an Air Conditioner in there home. Do you know how long your unit will last? Call us today to have a tech do a yearly maintenance on your system.

Hader -- Summer Air Conditioning Tips -- 07-11-16

4 Summertime Air Conditioner Tips

Your air conditioning unit has to work pretty hard during the summer. It’s also where a good portion, if not most, of your electric bill is going to come from. To keep your air conditioning running at peak performance, efficiency, and trouble-free, follow these tips to stay cool and save money. Tips For Your Home

Hader -- Coolant Disposal -- 06-15-16

How to Properly Dispose of HVAC Coolant

Home air conditioning has been a great invention. It allows us to keep cool and comfortable in otherwise hot environments and keeps our food fresh. But the coolant used inside of the systems can cause a lot of trouble for the environment if not handled properly. Early coolants were chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC’s) and

Hader HVAC -- Five Easy Ways -- 05-11-16

5 Easy Ways To Care For Your Home & The Planet!

The idea of caring for the planet sounds like a noble thing to do and — an overwhelming goal at the same time. Rather than taking on the responsibility of looking after every aspect of the earth on your own, you can take steps to take care of your home and have that be your

Hader -- Furnace Efficiency Ratings -- 03-17-16

Furnace Efficiency Ratings and What They Mean

The efficiency of your HVAC system is important for a number of reasons. The more efficient a furnace is, the less energy it uses to heat your home. With less energy used, whether that means gas, oil, or electricity, you save money on every energy bill. You can also feel better about your carbon footprint

Hader -- Extreme Weather -- 03-17-16

Extreme Weather Could Change Your Indoor Air Quality

As the global climate changes, we are seeing more extreme weather events. No matter where you live you are likely seeing changes in the weather from stronger storms to more droughts to flooding, heat waves, and the polar vortex. What you may not have realized is that this changing weather can change the quality of

Hader -- Mold -- 03-17-16

Avoid Mold Growth in Your Business HVAC

Being exposed to mold spores is a concern for all indoor spaces, from your home to your workplace. As an employer, though, you have the added responsibility of making sure your workers are breathing air that is safe and free from mold. Mold can easily creep into buildings in a number of ways, but the


Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying a New AC or Furnace

Buying a new furnace or air conditioner is full of potential pitfalls. With so many decisions to make, it’s easy to neglect important considerations and rush into the first enticing deal that comes your way. However, taking your time and doing your research will help you to avoid these common and potentially costly mistakes when