How Smart is Your Home? Upgrade Your Thermostat to Smart Technology

Did you know that your home lighting, security, and even your sprinkler system can all be controlled right from your smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection? Smart home technology helps you control the comfort and safety of your home quickly and conveniently from any location. Below, we’ll talk a little bit more about what smart home technology is and how upgrading to a smart thermostat can help change the way you cool and heat your home.

Smart Thermostat Technology

Smart thermostats have been on the market for quite some time, but companies are continuing to make improvements that offer homeowners even more powerful benefits. If you’re not familiar with this type of HVAC technology, let’s take a look at what smart homes are and how the smart thermostat can benefit homeowners.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology includes a variety of home automation tools that help you automatically control and adjust elements of your home environment. Over time, smart devices learn about your home habits and needs, allowing you to automate processes like your security system or when your exterior lights turn on.

Homeowners can also connect to their smart home devices through Wi-Fi, allowing them to control many aspects of their home environment right from their smart phone, no matter where they might be. This technology not only makes things more convenient for homeowners, but it can also help save on electricity costs by ensuring that different systems in your home are not using energy when you are not there.

Benefits of Smart Thermostat

One of the most popular and easy to implement smart home technologies is the smart thermostat. There are many benefits of switching to a smart thermostat device:

  • Energy Savings – One of the greatest benefits of using a smart thermostat is the energy savings each month. These devices allow you to use less energy by helping you run your HVAC system more efficiently. They learn when you prefer to raise and lower temperatures in your home and allow you to control temperatures while you are away.
  • Convenience – Smart thermostats make it very simple to adjust home temperatures when the home is empty. Rather than having to remember to turn down the thermostat before you leave home and adjust it when you return, this smart device automatically does this for you. What’s more is that it learns your habits so that you don’t have to give it much direction to make it work for you.
  • Remote Access – Another important benefit that the smart thermostat offers is the ability to adjust your home temperature from anywhere you are. The smart thermostat connects to the Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor and control temperatures right from your smartphone. Coming home a little earlier than expected? Just adjust the temperature on your phone before you return.
  • Other Features – There are other helpful features that the smart thermostat offers that may not be available to you with your traditional thermostat. Some devices allow you to set maintenance reminders and can detect dirty filters, letting you know when it’s time to replace your air filter. These devices also help you monitor energy consumption so that you can make changes to stay energy efficient.

How smart is your home? If you want to take control of your comfort and improve your energy efficiency, contact us today about upgrading your thermostat to smart technology.


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