Telling Signs You Need New HVAC Equipment Soon

Any Hader HVAC technician would say that routine maintenance is necessary to ensure maximum performance of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. Without regular tune-ups, even the most advanced units will fall prey to a number of issues and become inefficient. Although upgrading your HVAC equipment can be a costly proposition, keeping an ailing one can hurt your pocket just as bad, if not worse.

Here are the red flags to look for to decide whether the time is ripe to retire your current system:

When It Is Over 15 Years Old

The average service life of an HVAC system is anywhere between 10 and 25 years provided that you have observed preventive maintenance over the years. If not, get it professionally checked to determine how much it has before completely quitting on you.

When There Is a New ENERGY STAR® Specification

If your current system earned its ENERGY STAR® seal over a decade ago, it’s most likely no longer compliant with the latest energy efficiency requirements. In addition, it’s probably inconsistent with today’s environmental standards, like the R-410A refrigerant.

When It Is Crying for Help

HVAC units make all kinds of loud noises when something’s wrong with them. Each corresponds to a particular problem, but any sound outside the typical humming merits professional attention.

When It Costs More to Repair

Most HVAC problems are not beyond repair, but some of them are not worth fixing. From a financial standpoint, going down the replacement route makes more sense as maintenance requires nearly as much money.

Meet With an Experienced Hader HVAC Technician

Let a qualified Hader HVAC technician give your heating, ventilating, or air conditioning unit a checkup to evaluate its current condition. We’ll repair your broken equipment to help extend its service life, but we’ll also recommend a better, long-term solution when minor fixes won’t cut it. Call Hader Solutions at (513) 612-9201 or fill out this form now to schedule your HVAC inspection at your convenience.


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