Is Switching to a Smart Thermostat Worth It?

Installing a smart thermostat is a wise move on many levels. This advanced device may sound like a luxury, but it’s actually more practical than you may think.

Below are the most sensible reasons why Hader heating and cooling experts recommend switching to this type of technology.


A smart thermostat is very like a programmable thermostat, only better. Beyond programmability, wireless internet connectivity makes it possible to control your smart thermostat remotely. You can change its settings using a computer, smartphone or tablet from wherever you are.

Energy Conservation

Unlike manual and programmable thermostats, smart models can think on their own. They can learn temperature preferences and analyze schedules to adjust settings without human intervention.

Automation can lead to greater HVAC efficiency. A smart thermostat can be used to excellent effect, so that you can expect to see savings of up to 25% on your utility bills.

HVAC Longevity

A smart thermostat can help keep the health of your HVAC system in check, collecting usage data and tracking irregularities in your equipment’s operation. This device can tell you when something goes wrong with your system, allowing you to take action as soon as possible to prevent these issues from worsening.

Timely clean-ups and urgent tune-ups can boost the performance of heating and cooling units, which in turn will help extend their service life. An HVAC system that can self-diagnose is easier to maintain and lasts longer.

Speak With a Hader Heating and Cooling Expert About Upgrading

Any Hader heating and cooling technician can attest that replacing your old thermostat with a smart device is usually not straightforward. In many cases, it can’t be done without upgrading some or even all parts of the existing HVAC system due to compatibility issues.

To discuss the feasibility or viability of your smart thermostat upgrade, talk to Hader. Call us at (513) 612-9201 now or fill out this form to request service.


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