5 Creative Ways to Disguise a Thermostat

Most homes have an unattractive thermostat that, due to the nature of the device, is recommended to be mounted in plain sight, in a common room, at eye level. This makes it pretty easy to notice the unsightly device, and potentially make you yearn to have it gone. Getting rid of this incredibly functional device isn’t exactly an option, so the best solution is to find a smart and attractive way to cover up the device on your wall. Disguising the unit won’t make it go away, exactly, but it will be out of sight.

If you really dislike the look of your current thermostat, you could always invest in a new streamlined model, such as a smart thermostat or another modern programmable thermostat. But, if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on an upgrade, you have several options. Below are a few ways to disguise your thermostat!

Floating Shelving

Use knick-knacks and leaning paintings on a floating shelf to cover up the thermostat and distract the eye from the device. This will also add a bit of depth and intrigue to a possibly otherwise uninteresting space.

Camouflage Gallery Style

Use a thick “gallery style” painting (aim for a canvas that is at least 2.5 inches thick) to cover up the thermostat and add a bit of design to your space. You can purchase a premade work of art, or DIY one! Art supply stores carry canvases in various sizes. Check out Pinterest for some great tips and tricks on how to DIY a painting fast!

Frame It!

It may seem eccentric, but sometimes the best way to distract from an eyesore is to call attention to it. Find a decorative ornamental frame from a craft store, a thrift store, or antique shop and use it to frame your thermostat. Add several more paintings and art with decorative frames to make the thermostat blend right in.

Two Way Mirror

This is a smart and useful way to cover up your thermostat. Buy a classy looking mirror, just big enough to cover the thermostat, and attach a swing hinge to the side, so that you can easily access the thermostat. This can also be done with artwork and or photographs of family, pets, or friends.

Block It, But Let It Breathe

An important consideration to keep in mind with covering your thermostat is to make sure that air from the room is able to circulate around the device so that it can take a proper temperature reading. One simple way to do this is to place a tall plant stand under the thermostat, and use a large leafy plant, like a yucca or fern, to cover the device on the wall.


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