Creative Ways to Handle the Heat in Your Home This Summer

Here in Ohio, we are used to all the elements from chilly, wicked winters to hot and steamy summers. As our climate shifts, we have hotter and hotter temperatures here in Cincinnati and we need to get more and more creative to beat the heat.

Top Tips for Beating the Heat this Summer

Block out the sun. According to the US Department of Energy, a nice sun-deflecting light curtain can nearly cut heat transfer into your home by half!

Close your fireplace damper. Through a process called “flow reversal,” your open fireplace will counterbalance your air conditioner by pulling hot air into your home. Avoid this fireplace faux pas by closing the damper when you run your AC.

Seal out heat. The average human begins to perspire in 78 degree weather. If temperatures outside hit 77 or higher, even if you’re not ready to run the air conditioning, tightly shut your windows for optimal comfort.

Fan smarter. Sometimes, with all the day’s ins and outs, summer heat just gets in! Wait, until later, when the temps dip into the 70s, and run your fan in a window. But, don’t face the flow toward the room! Your fan is trained to suck hot air in the back, so blowing it out the window will feel better.

Unplug. Nix computer usage to cut down on heat emissions and avoid using your oven or stove as much as possible. To combat these daily-life norms, grill dinner or eat out and put your laptop in sleep mode, as it will emit heat even when idle if not put to rest.

Bare it all. Bare feet can actually cool your whole body by evaporating the sweat on your feet, caused by socks and sneakers, and sending a cooling signal throughout your blood vessels to other parts of your body.

Cut the lights. Your light bulbs will emit heat into your room and this is doubly true for fluorescent bulbs. Try to limit use of indoor lights during the day as much as possible to experience less undue heat.

Eat the heat. Ever notice that spicier cuisines originate from warm-weather climates like Thailand, India, and South America? This is by design. Capsaicin, a chemical found in hot peppers, causes immediate perspiration which will evaporate and cool your body.

Maximize your AC. It’s much harder to beat the heat with an AC unit that isn’t working efficiently. Ensure that your system is operating at its best by replacing older filters, sealing up and cracks around windows, cleaning your ducts and placing weatherstripping around doorways.

Contact Hader Solutions for an energy efficiency audit and for a full HVAC inspection to ensure that your home is ready to handle the heat this summer.


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