Spring is just around the corner! What a Change in Seasons Means for Your Indoor Air Quality

The seasons are changing. The weather is getting warmer. The days are lasting longer. And, right now your home’s indoor air is more vulnerable to pollution caused by pollen and other debris.

As spring approaches, it’s vital that you pay attention to your indoor air quality, particularly because outdoor air quality during this time of year can be so problematic. If you suffer from allergies during the springtime, or if you’re just looking to achieve better indoor air quality within your home, read on to find out how springtime impacts your indoor air quality.

How Springtime Affects Indoor Air Quality

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the coming spring can start to impact the air quality inside your home:


Check your favorite weather station for local pollen alerts, and act accordingly. When the pollen is high, you don’t want to have your windows open wide as this will allow pollen inside your home. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re just asking for an allergy attack. Even if you aren’t a seasonal allergy sufferer, it’s not good to have pollen building up within your home as it can seriously affect the quality of your living environment.


As we all know, springtime brings plenty of rain showers to Ohio, and with these showers come excess moisture in the air and a susceptibility to leaks in the home from storms or heavy rains. Prevent water from entering your home by making sure there are no cracks or gaps on your roof or foundation where water could easily enter. Standing water in your home can cause mold, which can be detrimental to indoor air quality. If you suspect any mold in your home, call an expert immediately to remove it.


Because of improper ventilation during the colder months, dust can settle into vents, registers, and eventually ductwork, making it close to impossible to rid your home of these irritating pollutants. The best way to combat these issues is to clean your home’s vents and registers regularly, and have your ductwork inspected. Your ductwork is the main passageway for air that moves through your home. If dust and debris are found to have built-up within your ducts, it’s a good idea to get your ducts sealed and cleaned to prevent this polluted air from constantly cycling throughout your home. Once your ductwork is cleaned and any gaps within it are sealed, you can start to enjoy the benefits of better air quality immediately afterwards.

Why Spring Cleaning is Important

Our indoor air quality can really suffer as the seasons begin to change, especially after a harsh Ohio winter when we tend to close up our doors tightly and not open the windows. Spring can be an ideal time to rid your house of dust and debris that may have settled in over the winter, but you’ll need to dig deeper than surface cleaning to truly combat pollutants in your air. That’s why it’s important to deep clean your house during your spring cleaning. This helps you rid your home of harmful pollutants in the air that may have collected over winter time.

While you are spring cleaning, you might notice that you’re starting to kick up dust that has settled over the winter. One way to help cycle this dust through your air filter is to use the “run” or “cycle” setting on your thermostat immediately after vacuuming. This will help capture particles before they settle back down onto surfaces within your home. Run for 30 minutes and then switch back on to your normal settings.

You may also want to consider upgrading your HVAC filter to a HEPA filter if you haven’t switched yet. These filters trap a considerable amount of particles in the air that traditional air filters can miss, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family. If you need help finding the right air filter for you, contact us today.


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