Established in 1883, our company, Hader, has been serving this area for over 130 years. Founded by Andreas Hader from the back of a horse drawn wagon, Hader has always aimed to provide Indian Hill residents with the highest quality home services, such as Heating and Cooling services, Roofing, and Duct Sealing at realistically affordable prices.

Since 1883, Hader has made an effort to stay connected to advances in the industry, and over the years our company has continued to evolve with the always changing technology. We keep on top of the most cutting-edge and most efficient options available in home service solutions.

Today, we rely on advanced state of the art equipment to help recognize, avoid, and remedy issues that will keep your home comfortable. We can help you choose and install heating and cooling systems, higher efficiency geothermal systems, or help determine your home’s air quality needs.


We are honored to have received the Bryant Regional Medal of Excellence Award in 2010. Hader is The Cincinnati area’s only Heating and Dealer to have ever received this award. We’d like to thank our Indian Hill customers for your loyal patronage.


 Indian Hill is a city in Hamilton County and a lively affluent suburb of the Greater Indian Hill Area. The city is home to over 5,000 people. The municipality changed its name to add “Village” into the official name; legally the name is “The City of The Village of Indian Hill” and stays true to its village identity with community and small town charm. It has previously been named the “Best Place to Raise a Family” by the magazine “Robb Report”.

Historically, The Village of Indian Hill was but a small farming community. And, because of its beautiful landscape and close proximity to urban areas, The Village began to attract Cincinnatians, who purchased the area’s farmhouses for their own weekend use. To commute to their new “weekend properties”, they would travel on a train running between downtown Cincy and Ramona Station, called the Swing Line. This historic site is now the location of The Village of Indian Hill’s administration building.

Today, Indian Hill is home to over 2000 households and 1700 families, all who deserve the very best in heating, cooling, and roofing services.

At Hader, we understand the importance of your investment in your Indian Hill home, and are here to assist you with your needed home services.

Take a look at what some of our customers have to say:

“After 20+ years of Hader taking care of my furnace and A/C it was time for a new furnace…. They quoted a reasonable price for a top model with humidifier and installation was a breeze. They saved me enough money so I upgraded to the multifunction thermostat. I couldn’t be happier! They are friendly, professional and responsive to your needs. The new furnace is light years ahead of the old unit with sensors for humidity and fan speed stages, many of the cold spots in the house have disappeared. Their advice was right on target. We are grateful to be dealing with such an honest company these many years.”

“I have dealt with the people at Hader Roofing several times now and all three experiences have been very positive. I am very pleased with the high quality of work, the timeliness of the start and completion of each job, the courtesy, the updates and the overall experience. It is always a unique pleasure these days to find a company one can trust, one that has the good old fashioned idea of business ethics.”

We’re proud to serve the beautiful area of Indian Hill with our highest quality services and well trained qualified technicians.

We offer these services to our customers in Indian Hill:


Hader Solutions has specialized in heating a cooling services for over a century, including tune-ups, repairs, and installations. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled technicians that are capable of fixing any issue that you may face with your HVAC systems. Give Hader a call today and find out how we can help you with your heating and cooling needs.


Indian Hill Winters bring colder temperatures that can dip into the 20ºs and 30ºs, and we at Hader understand the importance of proper heating during these frigid months. Luckily, our HVAC service technicians are the best in the business and can help keep your home warm and toasty all day long, even during the coldest days of the year.

Our technicians are here to assist you with any repairs or other kinds of services you may need on your home’s heating unit. No matter if it is simply a regular maintenance call or an emergency, we’re here. We’ll work with you to find the best solutions at an affordable price at a time that’s convenient for you.

We also install new systems, such as geothermal units, and are available to help you maintain your current HVAC system. We’re experts in the business and can assist you in determining which solutions would work best for heating your home during cold Ohio winters.

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Indian Hill summers can get really hot! Temperatures in Indian Hill average in the mid 80ºs during these warmer months, and we know that proper Air Conditioning is essential to you and your family’s comfort during the summertime. Hader’s highly skilled technicians are professionally trained and ready to keep your home comfortable and cool during the warmer months.

Whether your existing air conditioning system needs a repair or maintenance, or if you’re looking to purchase a new cooling system, you can count on Hader to deliver incomparable quality service at a reasonable price.

Call us today to find out more about the air conditioning options we can offer for you and your family.

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Maintenance for your home’s HVAC system is essential, whether it’s a newly installed system, or one that your home has depended on for years. We recommend getting at least a yearly check on your system, although twice a year is best, primarily each Spring and Fall before more extreme weather kicks in.

We offer maintenance service agreements that will certify that your home’s HVAC system is getting the care it needs without any extra effort or trouble on your part! With regular annual or biannual check-ups, we’ll help guarantee that your HVAC system is running smoothly, which in turn will keep you’re your energy costs down. In addition, our customers who maintain an ongoing agreement with us are able to save on charges for regular repairs and one-time maintenance appointments with Hader.


Hader offers a wide range of roofing services, including roof repairs—big and small—due to leaks or storm damage. We can also help with any existing gutter issues your home or business may have, and we are happy to assist you in submitting complex and tedious roof insurance claims.

No matter what type of roof you have, including shingle roofs, cedar shake roofs, and composite roofs, Hader can help.

Our range of services include:

  • Maintenance
  • Roof Replacement
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Storm and Wind Damage Repairs
  • Insurance Claim Work
  • Roof Leaks
  • Gutter, Skylights, Siding, Screen and Chimney Repairs

Get Your Roof Inspected by Hader with No Obligations

A hallmark service we offer is the “No Obligation Roof Inspection”. This means at Hader we offer inspections without any obligations and we would never pressure you to commit to any additional repairs or services.

Our trusted roofing contractors will offer you a detailed report on the condition of your roof along with clear photographs to show any trouble spots we’ve found that may need attention.

Our Indian Hill roofing contractor services are available for both residential and commercial purposes. Call today to get your home or business’s roof back in excellent shape!


At Hader, we are gutter experts and offer top-of-the line gutter installation. Most often, we’ll install gutters using a pre-finished aluminum stock and with hidden hangers on every rafter. We never use pre-formed “box miters” for the corners, simply because they aren’t very attractive and have been known to fail prematurely. Instead, we custom cut our miters on site to make sure they fit your home perfectly. This ensures that the gutter systems we install are sturdy and maintenance-free for years to come.

Since it is important to move the water away from your foundation walls, we also install downspout extensions with our gutters by way of extensions and positive drainage away from the home through landscape grading.

We can help your home’s gutters stay free of excess leaf build up and debris with our gutter services, which can help clear or prevent clogs and keep your downspouts running freely. This will also help keep your seamless gutters clean and fully functional. For extra protection, be sure to clean your gutters after every storm.

Speaking of storms, we also offer…


We’re experienced in dealing with roof repairs caused by extreme weather. Roofs offer a lot of protection to your home from the outside element. Therefore, each and every day, your roof is being exposed to the great outdoors—and over time, your roof will become damaged from the continuous exposure to excessive heat, rain, wind, cold, ice, snow, and other various conditions and types of debris. When you have us perform routine inspections, it will allow us to catch minor problems before they develop into bigger, costlier, issues. However, in the event of major storms that Indian Hill residents may face, some storm damage situations will demand immediate involvement from your insurance company and we can help you through that process as well.


Roof damage happens. And, what this means is that insurance claims are a common and significant portion of rebuilding and roof repair. During emergency times, however, it’s easy for home and business owners to feel overwhelmed. That’s where we come in! Our experience in insurance claims within Indian Hill can help make the process effortless on your part.

At Hader Roofing we have a team of roofing contractors and experts dedicated to assisting you in insurance claims submissions and will act as an agent on your behalf. Through every step of the property restoration process, our claim specialists will liaise with your insurance adjuster to enable an accurate assessment of all damages.

During any insurance claim, the most critical task is to collect and record the evidences of all damage. We work extra hard to detect and record damages, even damages that may not be obviously visible, all while making sure that this often complex, multifaceted and difficult task is completely stress free for you. By working with Hader you’ll get the reimbursement you deserve.

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Many homeowners overlook ductwork; however, this is an important component to an overall HVAC system. We at Hader can help you determine if there are any issues or leaks with your home’s ductwork, which can majorly affect how efficient your cooling system is.

Plain and simple: if the ductwork to your heating and cooling system is leaking, then you are losing money.

Don’t let this happen to you and your home’s HVAC system! Give Hader a call and we’ll inspect your home’s air ducts and make sure that they are sealed properly with our Hader Aerosol Solutions. This will ensure maximum efficiency in your home’s central air system and help you’re HVAC system run more effectively each and every day. Save money in the long run by calling us today to learn more about Hader’s duct sealing services!


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